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AED Information

What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)?

Essentially, the heart’s electrical systems malfunctions... the heart unexpectedly and abruptly stops beating. It is generally caused by an abnormal heart rhythm called Ventricular Fibrillation.

Who is at risk? SCA is a global killer. Only 5-10% of victims survive. Every minute of every day SCA claims a victim. It strikes without warning. Although the average age of victims is 65, it strikes everyone... even the young and athletic!

What is an AED? Short for "Automated External Defibrillator":

Defibrillation is the only effective treatment of Ventricular Fibrillation – it reorganizes the chaotic electrical activity of the heart and returns it to a normal rhythm. CPR is not enough.

CPR is a temporary measure for maintaining oxygen to the brain. Defibrillation is necessary to re-establish a regular heartbeat.

What training do I need?

In order to simplify the training process, we include the recognized defibrillator training in all CPR and Standard First Aid courses.

Our training course will give you hands on practice with the defibrillators, as well as prepare you to adapt to the situation when change is needed.

J & T First Aid Consulting Inc., as an agent of AED Advantage and recognized as a PAD training site. We will put you into direct contact with the PAD coordinator who will assist you with every aspect of ensuring your business is ready for an AED.

Do I have to be in the PAD program to get an AED?

The PAD program is not mandatory for any organization; however, the resources gained by becoming a PAD member are innumerable! Businesses benefit greatly from having the PAD coordinator assisting with the legal and practical matters of putting an AED into their facilities (see Regina Qu'Appelle Link below).

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