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TAKE A RED CROSS FIRST AID /CPR COURSE from J & T First Aid Consulting...

1. Prevention is the best first aid. Statistics show that people who participate in a first aid course can reduce their personal injuries by up to 40%. Red Cross First Aid encourages Canadians to take smart risks and to adopt a safe and healthy lifestyle. Seconds count – First Aid saves lives, eases pain and prevents further injury. The time you invest in a First Aid CPR course from J & T First Aid  could mean the difference between life, serious injury or even death. This could mean a lifetime for someone you love.

2. You can learn lifesaving skills in just hours! Whether you are a professional rescuer, teacher, office worker or student, J & T First Aid has the right training course for you.

3. J & T First Aid First Aid CPR Red Cross courses are interactive, relaxed, fun, practical and suitable for all ages and skill levels. Our instructors make learning easy.

4. J & T First Aid  First Aid/CPR courses focus on helping you prevent injuries before they occur and providing you with necessary skills to act quickly in an emergency situation.

5. J & T First Aid courses involve the candidates in active participation rather than watching someone else perform the skills. Our instructors are knowledgeable and easy to talk to. They have exceptional communication and presentation skills to ensure the best course possible for all candidates. You are taught with a hands-on approach to learning. Our scenarios are used to create a real-life situation in a safe non-threatening environment. You will learn how to deal with an emergency situation effectively and with confidence.

6. J & T First Aid Red Cross programs are recognized by Health Canada and meet federal Treasury Board Standard 3-4 under the Canada Labour Code.

7. For more than 50 years the Canadian Red Cross has been teaching people how to help when an emergency strikes. The Canadian Red Cross teaches life-saving skills to over 200,000 people across Canada each year.

8. According to Canadian Red Cross statistics every 15 seconds someone is injured and requires medical attention. You’ve got to be prepared!

9. J & T First Aid Red Cross courses meet updated CPR guidelines set out by the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada.

10. J & T First Aid Red Cross Standard First Aid/CPR courses meet Occupational Health & Safety regulations so you are work ready when applying for and/or maintaining that job requirement.

So, what are you waiting for?

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