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Which course do I need to be work ready? Occupational Health & Safety requires you to have a minimum Standard First Aid CPR-A level course. We train to Standard First Aid CPR-C/AED level at the same cost, however will train to the A level if you wish.

What do the Levels of CPR mean?

CPR-A is adult CPR

CPR-C is infant, child & adult CPR

CPR - HCP is infant, child, adult 2 rescuer CPR with Bag Valve Mask

What does Heart Saver BLS A or C mean? Heart Saver Basic Life Saver A or C means the same thing as above description for CPR.

What does BLS Health Care Provider mean? Same as above description CPR HCP 2 rescuer with Bag Valve Mask

How often do I need to recertify my first aid / CPR? Occupational Health & Safety requires you to recertify within 3 years of your course date. Some employers require you to recertify more often. We recommend you recertify at least every 2 years as this course refreshes your skills. It is not a re-learning class.

Can I recertify into a Red Cross recertification course if I have taken training elsewhere? Yes, as long as your certification is current we can recertify you into a Canadian Red Cross course. We recommend that you purchase Canadian Red Cross course materials though as that is the material we will be using in the class.

How many times can I recertify? As long as your skills are accurate you can continue to recertify. We recommend that you take a full course if your skills are not accurate or you do not feel competent in your skills.

Does the Canadian Red Cross Standard First Aid/CPR course fall under Occupational Health & Safety Regulations? Yes

How old do I need to be to take a Canadian Red Cross Babysitters course? You need to be 11(eleven) years of age or older to take a Canadian Red Cross Babysitters course. Providing that you participate and complete the entire course, you will receive your certificate and card at the end of the course. 

Do I have to wait until I am 12 years old to babysit?  No. There is no law that says what age you must be before you can babysit. (Information provided by PLEA- Public Legal Education Association of SK.)

 Do I need to “practice” babysitting in someone’s home before I complete the course? No. You will be taught everything in the class to complete your course.

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